Committee: Sherrie Graham and Shawna MacKay


The following is forwarded on behalf of Pat Hillier, Chair of the Resolutions Committee and Debbie McIsaac, Staff Liaison to the Resolutions Committee

1. Time Lines

Deadline for resolution submissions from Locals, Regional Representative Councils Committees and Professional Associations is the third Friday in December (December 19, 2014)

Deadline for the Draft Minutes of the General Meeting at which the resolutions were adopted are due by the 3rd Friday in January (January 16, 2015).

2. Local Resolutions Committees

The name of the Resolutions Chairperson is to be forwarded to the Central Office by October 1st (attention

To ensure that resolutions are given significant attention, it is recommended that each NSTU Local establish a Local Resolutions Committee by October 1st on an annual basis.       

3. NSTU Procedures - The Resolution Process

Click here to access the Resolutions Procedures - Council 2015 document.

This document is designed to facilitate your activities concerning Council resolutions.  This information along with the online Resolution Submission Form, are also available on the NSTU website.

4. Submission Process

Two methods may be used to submit resolutions.

1. Online Resolution Submission Form.

2. Resolutions may also be submitted by email (  Such email submissions must contain all the information required in the Resolution Submission Form.

If you have any concerns or questions concerning Council Resolutions, please contact Debbie McIsaac, Staff Liaison with the Resolutions Committee at your convenience.