Teacher Management Committee


Committee Members: Sherrie Graham, Shawna MacKay, Phyllis-Anne Blanche, Nancy Bradley

The Teacher-Management committee is once again asking you to tell us about any non-contractual concerns you may have so we can bring them to the T-M meeting for discussion this fall.

By non-contractual, we mean any ideas you think would help APSEA management improve the way we teachers deliver APSEA services. For example, in the past, submissions have addressed communication issues within the APSEA organization, ideas concerning Short Term Placements, and air quality on campus.  

Once we receive your ideas, the teachers who are on the T-M committee will review all submissions before submitting them to management for discussion.

If a submission is not suitable for the T-M committee, then someone from the committee will contact you and explain why your submission is not appropriate and help you find the proper source for the information you require.

All submission to Teacher-Management meetings are kept anonymous.

Please send your ideas to Dana Macleod (President), danamacleod@nstu.ca

or Sarah Kilfoil (Vice-President), slkilfoil@nstu.ca.

Looking forward to hearing from you!